Access Systems are Available for NYC Homes and Businesses

Access systems are a valuable addition to homes as well as businesses in NYC. They provide individuals with the highest possible level of security. These systems require a password or passcode in order to enter. Not only are individuals protected with an access system in place, you can protect expensive equipment, private documents and more. While they are most commonly used in businesses with multiple entry and exit points, larger homes can also benefit. A number of different types of access systems are available in NYC.

Types of Access Systems for NYC Residents and Businesses

Control panels are the most common type of access system used in NYC. This panel offers a touch screen or numbered buttons that are connected to the lock. A Magstripe Reader can also be used with the access system. The Magstripe Reader uses a sensor and encoded card that must be swiped to disable the locking mechanism. Some systems use Proximity readers or long range readers. These readers enable access with an encoded card, though there is no need to swipe the card. It can detect the sensor from short distances.

A Smartcard Reader is yet another access system. This system not only allows entry and exit it also records the time a person comes in and out, transmitting the information into a computer system. A Smartcard Reader can also provide assistance with parking, payroll and vending services.

The last type of access system is the Biometric Fingerprint Reader. This type of access system scans an individual’s fingertips or eye retina so that an individual can enter a specific room. The Biometric Fingerprint Reader is one of the most accurate of all of the systems. It eliminates the worry of stolen cards and ensures that only pre-approved individuals can enter. These access systems are the most expensive, but also the most secure.

Installing an Access System

Whether you are interested in an access system for your NYC home or business it is necessary to contact a professional locksmith to have the job performed. Locksmiths are experts at installing access systems with precision. They understand the necessary attention to detail and planning that will ensure that an effective system is in place. Locksmiths can also help determine the best type of access system for your needs and the level of security that you want. The cost of the installation, as well as monthly fees, will vary according to the type of access system chosen as well as the locksmith company that you use.


American Lock and Security provide access systems in NYC to businesses and homes. They provide safe, secure service no matter your needs, as they have done for more than 50 years.




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