AC Repair in Rowlett TX – When it is Required to Help Restore a Vehicle’s Cooling System

Automobile air conditioning is a system specially designed for providing climate control in vehicle interiors. Prior to the introduction of AC systems for cars, the only method to cool the interior was to open the windows. Automotive air-conditioning offers a more comfortable environment for the driver and passengers. Because these systems are quite complex, if you require AC repair in Rowlett TX, make certain you visit a certified service facility equipped to check all components and make adjustments if needed.

How AC Systems Work
Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, the air conditioner is a sealed and pressurized unit that includes an evaporator, a condenser and compressor. The compressor is a powerful pump designed to circulate refrigerant throughout the system. It also works to pressurize or compress the refrigerant and convert it into a vapor. Refrigerants travel to the condenser where it is cooled by a blowing fan on the coil and turned into a liquid. Once converted into liquid form, the refrigerant moves to the evaporator. Cold air is then fan-forced into the vehicle.

History of Vehicle Air-Conditioning
Automotive air-conditioning units were first introduced back in the late 1930s. These were rudimentary systems that were very expensive in their time. In fact, there wasn’t a shutoff feature or thermostat on these early models. In order to turn off the AC system, the driver had to cut off the engine and then disconnect the compressor belt. Today, well over seventy-percent of all vehicles sold worldwide feature air-conditioning as standard equipment.

AC Condenser
A vehicle’s air conditioning condenser is typically located within the engine compartment. Quite often they are found close to the radiator. Most systems use fans for faster cooling. When occasional problems with a condenser occur it can cause the entire system to begin malfunctioning. Frequently, this is a clog or obstruction resulting from debris that has entered the line and blocks the refrigerant. Because refrigerant is under high pressure, you need to allow a qualified technician who performs AC repair in Rowlett TX to work on your unit.

Compressor Clutch
Whenever the compressor clutch fails, typically it stops engaging. Although the clutch can be replaced separately, usually this isn’t recommended as other components might fail. Low refrigerant levels can cause the clutch to engage or disengage sporadically. Because of the extra load that the compressor pump imposes, when the AC compressor clutch engages it can lead to poor idling and performance. In such cases, a professional AC repair specialist is required to fix the problem.

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