Abuse and Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA Takes Many Forms

After an incident or two of Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA, the court may mandate counseling for the offender, or the person may volunteer to participate because he or she realizes there is a serious problem. Experienced, compassionate therapists help the individual and the entire family get life back on track and rebuild positive, healthy relationships.


Domestic abuse takes varying forms. A partner or spouse may be subjected to repeated insults, hollering and rude remarks, but not everyone considers this to be domestic violence. Controlling behavior, such as trying to stop the person from communicating with friends or family, also may not be technically viewed as violence. The abuser may use intimidation and stalking tactics. Alcohol may be a factor, raising the level of unpredictability in the home.

If this behavior escalates to physical harm of any sort, the person may now have distinct fears about safety. Yet this spouse or partner may be too afraid to try to escape because of threats made. People can feel trapped in these circumstances when trying to protect themselves or other loved ones from danger.

Destructive Consequences

Although abuse that does not involve physical injury may not be classified as violent behavior, it still can have serious and sometimes very destructive consequences for the abuser and the victim. Although the abuser may not be arrested for this behavior, this individual risks losing the spouse who finally cannot handle the situation anymore and leaves. If the couple has children, it may be very difficult to be granted shared custody when the other parent provides testimony about the ongoing verbal or controlling types of abuse.


Anger management classes with an organization such as Alternative & Action Counseling are advisable and may continue for several months. Counseling for Domestic Violence in Tacoma WA may last for a full year. It can take a long time to unravel the client’s behavior and the reasons behind it. The man or woman will need to learn healthy strategies for dealing with anger that do not involve taking out that hostility on members of the household. Regaining the family’s trust also can be a long process, as they must know for sure that this individual has truly changed.

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