About Your Dental Bridges Procedure in Windsor, ON

Missing teeth can cause a wide array of issues in your mouth. They can cause pain in your teeth because the pressure is not equalized over your entire mouth. They can also cause problems with your ability to chew, how your jaw aligns, the look of your face and even your ability to speak properly. If you are missing teeth, you need to know that there are solutions available that can give you back your smile and improve the quality of your life. If you have this issue, then dental bridges Windsor can greatly help you.

A dental bridge is much like what is sounds like. It bridges the gap between teeth, to fill in for the teeth that are missing. The bridge is connected to two of your natural teeth, through the use of crowns. These two anchoring teeth, called abutement teeth, hold the bridge in place, which contains the false teeth or pontics. These teeth can be made from different materials like gold or porcelain and can be made to match your natural teeth.

When you first go in for your appointment, you will have your abutement teeth shaped and part of the enamel removed so that the crown can easily fit over the tooth. After the crowns are placed, you will have a mold made of the area so that the dentist can make your pontic tooth or teeth. Once these are all cemented together and placed in your mouth, you will be amazed at how much better you look and feel.

It is important to note that all dental insurance companies do not cover dental bridges. Many will pay a portion of the costs, but you will be responsible for the remainder of the cost. If you are having difficulty coming up with the money, many dental offices offer financing options that can help you to pay for your procedure with only a low monthly payment.

If you are tired of your missing teeth, contact your dentist today. The dental bridges in Windsor can make a big difference in your smile and give you back the confidence that you lost with your teeth.

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