About Severe Laws Against DUI From DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV

It is a known fact that drinking (alcoholic beverages) and driving do not mix, and in particular, it is dangerous as well as illegal. In any state and/or Commonwealth, the laws are very severe concerning driving while impaired or while under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs, for that matter. There are DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV who wants to tell you about these severe penalties in their state.

West Virginia employs the “implied consent” law, which basically means that if you refuse to submit to a chemical test given by an officer of the law, you will be subject to automatic suspension of your drivers’ license. For your very first offense in refusing to take the test, you could face one year of your license being revoked or 45 days of it being revoked, with an automatic one year of ignition interlock on your vehicle. If you get a second offense of such nature, your license is subject to being revoked for five or ten years, and if a third offense should occur, you may NEVER get your license back again!

DUI Attorneys in Morgantown WV declare that not much alcohol need consumed before you get into DUI trouble in West Virginia. If you are under the age of 21, the blood alcohol content level is .02%. If you are over 21, the limit is .08%, and if you are a commercial driver, the limit is .04%. As you can see, getting a DUI in West Virginia is serious business. You need to ensure you have competent representation if you get into a DUI situation.

The Wagner Law Firm are DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV who will represent you in your DUI case. Throughout West Virginia, they dedicate every bit of their advocacy resources to the defense in DUI cases. They have a thorough understanding of the laws of West Virginia, particularly as they apply to DUI and related cases. Over 1600 cases related to DUI have come through and been defended in this law firm. If you are interested in finding out more about DUI Attorneys in Morgantown, WV who can represent you, visit the Wagner Law Firm’s website, which is website

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