About Mold Remediation in Oceanside, CA

Mold can be very dangerous, especially when it gets into the walls, ceiling, or floors of a home. Its spores can cause far more trouble than a bad smell or minor allergies. It can trigger asthma attacks, create toxins that cause whole-body sickness, and cause serious respiratory tract irritation. This is especially dangerous for babies, young children, and people who are already frail. Anyone with a pre-existing respiratory condition is also at risk of extreme complications from mold.

If you feel physically better after you’ve been out of the house for a while, it’s a good idea to get a mold inspection. There’s a good chance that you need mold remediation Oceanside CA. Of course, if you directly see or smell mold, you know that there’s a problem. Sometimes, though, the mold will grow unnoticed on the insides of walls or other seemingly-enclosed areas of a home’s architecture. Then, there may be no direct signs that it is present other than a general malaise.

A house can be mold-free for years and then suddenly develop a problem. This often results after a house has been exposed to high quantities of water from sources like leaky pipes, burst waterbeds, backed-up sewer lines, or even natural flooding. Other causes are more insidious. High humidity or temperatures that are favorable for mold growth can turn a few spores into a wall full of mold growth.

Mold remediation Oceanside CA goes far beyond simple cleaning. Mold removal specialists like the Ekwall Company will first track down the source of the mold and develop a plan for correcting the situation. Then, the mold will be carefully removed. Removal includes getting rid of dead mold spores because these spores still contain irritating protein structures that can make you sick. Thorough cleaning is part of this process because the mold spores would otherwise remain throughout the house. Finally, the plan for keeping the mold gone will be implemented. Repairs will be made to keep the house dry and unlikely to grow more fungus. This will not only get rid of the mold, but ensure that more does not grow soon.


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