AA Key & Lock Services Provides Access Control In St. Louis, MO

Security is one of the primary goals you must focus on when you purchase a building for your business, particularly if it is an existing structure. Whether you have bought a structure that was a residence at one time or you are moving into a building used previously by another company, the locks on the property need to be upgraded or at least rekeyed. The previous owner may tell you that all the keys have been turned in, but he can't be assured that someone doesn't still hold a key. You and your employees will be able to work much more effectively if you know you and the equipment are safe. You can work with AA Key & Lock Services, a company that provides Rekeying in St. Charles, MO.

Your business may be one that can benefit from master keying. This keying option controls access to certain parts of your business to people you choose, rather than to anyone who has access to a key. The master keying process uses two different keys that are not alike to open the primary doors while limiting access to specific areas that you choose. You can choose master keying for rooms or zones in your business that contain sensitive information or equipment. Whether you decide to use master keying or rekey your entire company, working with AA Key & Lock Services will provide the security you need.

Access Control in St. Louis, MO doesn't always mean handing out keys to people who need them. Authorized users can gain access to a room or another area by means of an electronic device that permits entry when a card is swiped or a password is entered. Access control devices can be hard-wired at their specific location or may be wireless devices. One of the major benefits of using an access control system is the difficulty in making copies of a card that must be swiped to enter the location. Unlike keyed entries, an area secured by access control is much less likely to be compromised by someone making extra copies of a key.

If you and your business do become victims of a break-in, you need to depend on your locksmith to be on site as quickly as possible to help secure your location. AA Key & Lock Service specializes in Access Control in St. Louis, MO as well as rekeying compromised locks.


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