A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Boone County, IL Helps Clients Appeal Claim Denials

Sometimes, a person who was injured on the job needs a workers’ compensation lawyer in Boone County, IL to handle a claim denial. Insurers have various reasons for denying claims, with the bottom line being their efforts to keep premiums low for companies that must pay for workers’ comp insurance. They thoroughly examine each claim and determine whether benefits should be paid as requested, paid in a reduced manner, or not paid at all. People generally don’t need a lawyer to file a workers’ comp claim, but legal representation is advisable if they encounter problems receiving payment for their medical expenses and lost wages. Attorneys with an organization such as Crosby Law Firm provide free initial consultations for individuals having trouble with workers’ compensation claims.

The claim denial will include a letter explaining the reasons for the decision. This allows the employee to provide evidence disputing those reasons. The insurer may believe there is not enough indication that the injury actually was caused by an incident or ongoing situation in the workplace. For example, someone may be claiming a repetitive stress injury after working on an assembly line or doing data entry full-time. However, if the insurer learns that this person engages in activities outside of work that could cause this type of injury, it may deny the claim.

Another reason insurers deny claims is when they believe the injury was not serious enough to justify time off work or require medical attention. Employers sometimes support this stance when they put forth the effort to avoid any lost-time accidents on the company’s safety record. In addition, the employer might offer light duty work at the same rate of pay, which would eliminate the possibility of workers comp pay. Typically, the employee cannot refuse this work unless a doctor verifies he or she should take time off to recuperate.

After a claim is denied, the individual can only receive compensation through this program by appealing the denial. A worker’s compensation lawyer in Boone County, IL is helpful for filling out the forms and filing the appeal. They know what type of documentation is necessary to get the appeal approved. It’s important not to wait too long since there are deadlines for workers’ comp appeals.

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