A Workers Compensation Attorney In Ft. Pierce, FL Can Advise Emergency Personnel

In Florida, emergency services workers are covered under worker’s compensation policies. The municipality or jurisdiction in which the workers perform services is legally obligated to obtain coverage for the workers. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL outlines the law for emergency services workers and explains how the law applies to potential injuries.

How 440.091 (2) Applies to Firefighters

Firefighters receive coverage if they are injured while discharging the responsibilities of their position. The conditions in which the firefighter becomes injured must be consistent with their everyday work environment. The worker must perform their duties when they are on duty and within the jurisdiction in which the worker has the authority or the right to work. The worker’s comp insurance won’t cover services rendered for another employer or contracted work.

How are Police Officers Covered?

The worker’s compensation policy applies to police officers who were hired, appointed, or fill elected positions within the state or municipality. The circumstances of their injuries must be reasonably consistent with the duties of their job. The officer must become injured during the course of their shift and not due to a different job or service performed for a private employer.

What are the Stipulations for Emergency Techs and Paramedics?

The worker must be certified and licensed by the state to perform life-saving services and/or provide life support services. The paramedic receives coverage for work-related injuries that occurred while retrieving, transporting, or caring for a patient. Jurisdiction restrictions apply to emergency medical service providers, and injuries resulting from services outside the area aren’t covered.

What Are Additional Circumstances That Are Not Covered?

Emergency services workers aren’t covered when arriving or leaving their workplace. Social activities that aren’t expressly a part of the worker’s job description do not fall under covered activities. Any deviation from the prescribed work duties could result in a denial of benefits if the worker is at fault for their injuries. For more details, visit here.

In Florida, emergency services workers provide immediate assistance for life-threatening conditions, victims of criminal acts, and property fires. The employer who oversees the workers must provide adequate insurance coverage in the event that workers sustain injuries. Injured workers who need answers contact a Workers Compensation Attorney in Ft. Pierce FL through Matheson, Horowitz & Devonmille today.

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