A Variety of Services for Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix

Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix encompasses a wide variety of services and procedures. It can mean tooth colored or composite fillings, so cavities will not be noticeable when you smile. You may want porcelain crowns or bridges to build up crooked teeth or fill in spaces that make you self-conscious. If you do not think your smile is bright enough, you may want your teeth whitened, or veneers placed on them. For some patients, simple procedures are enough to restore their self-esteem and give them the confidence they need to smile more, speak in public, or apply for that promotion.

Other patients need more extensive services, due to illnesses, past addictions, deformities, or severe trauma to the face. Partial or full mouth restoration may be necessary. Preliminary digital X-rays of your jaw bone and teeth are needed, and you will have to have an initial consultation with your dentist to determine a plan of action for that type of Cosmetic Dentistry in Phoenix. You may need bridges, extractions, or implants to restore your smile. Implants can permanently affix dentures to your jaw bone and fill in spaces left by missing teeth. These natural looking dentures will fill in your facial features, minimize bone loss, improve speech, and make eating enjoyable again. Offices that utilize the latest in technology, like Guaranteed Dental Solutions, can complete procedures for full mouth restoration.

Invisalign transparent braces can be used to straighten your teeth at any age. Adolescents like them because they are less painful than traditional braces, and they require less maintenance. Adults appreciate that they are barely noticeable and require fewer office visits than metal braces. They straighten your teeth via a series of molded trays. You use one tray for two or three weeks, then progress to the next tray. You can take them off for eating and drinking, so maintenance is quick and easy. There is no discomfort from wires or elastics, and the entire process can be completed in as little as 18 months, depending on the initial condition of your teeth. Financing is available for implants and cosmetic dentistry services. Be sure to ask about it, and get an application for the office when you arrive for your first appointment. Visit here to get more information.

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