A Social Security Lawyer Can Help You Win Disability Benefits

An experienced Social Security lawyer can help you win disability benefits. With proper preparation and presentation that is backed up with objective medical evidence, a Social Security lawyer in Kansas City can help you win your case either at the initial application stage or on appeal.

Many disabled applicants make their initial application unaided by a lawyer, many of these applications are unsuccessful and the applicant is denied benefits. A lawyer at this time can be a big help as he or she can ensure that your request for appeal is filed in a timely manner and all the required paperwork has been completed correctly.

If you are one of those applicants that did not have a lawyer during the initial claim process or even during the first level of appeals which is a request for reconsideration, you should most certainly hire a Social Security lawyer in Kansas City before your case is heard by an Administrative Law Judge.

Presenting your case to the ALJ:

Paperwork is one thing, presenting valid arguments in person is something all together different. Many people are justifiable uncomfortable in these types of settings and it is easy to see how very important medical evidence can be missed.

Those applicants that must make an appearance at a disability hearing can be excused if they are not aware of the rules and regulations that are in force and must be followed. Not only can the applicant be unaware of the rules, he or she may not come to the hearing fully prepared. It is at this stage of the appeals process that you can submit up to date medical reports and opinions from your doctors supporting your claim.

A Social Security lawyer in Kansas City will present your claim in an organized form and will gather any and all evidence that is needed to increase your chances o winning on appeal.

If you are physically or mentally disabled, winning your claim for disability benefits will be extremely important. For the best chance of success you need to be represented by a seasoned Social Security lawyer in Kansas City. You are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group, LLC to discuss your claim.

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