A Real Estate Attorney in Mahopac NY May Help You Evict Your Tenant

Unfortunately, all tenants aren’t good tenants and they must be evicted from a property before they cause serious damage or you take too much of a loss from nonpayment of rent. Eviction is a legal process and it must be handled properly to make sure the bad tenant is forced to leave and you can regain control of your unit. A Real Estate Attorney in Mahopac NY is in an ideal position to help you understand the process and help you go through the courts to secure an eviction.

The first step to evicting a tenant is knowing your lease. You can only legally evict someone if they violated the lease agreement. In cases where the tenant did not pay the rent, the issue is clear and you shouldn’t have a problem proving your case in court. However, if you want to get rid of a tenant for other reasons, such as suspected drug use or unauthorized residents in the unit, you will need to provide convincing proof to the judge. This is where a Real Estate Attorney in Mahopac NY can help you.

Real estate attorneys go to eviction court on a regular basis. They know what the judges and magistrates are looking for as evidence that a lease was broken and can explain the guidelines to you before you even give your tenant a notice to vacate your property. By understanding what you are and are not allowed to do to force your tenant to leave, you can make sure you comply with the law and don’t give your bad tenant an advantage over you in eviction court.

When you choose Spain and Spain PC of Mahopac NY as your real estate lawyers, you can be sure that you receive excellent representation. Whatever you plan to do with your property after your tenant is evicted, your lawyer may be able to help you. If you have questions about how to write a lease that is clear enough for your tenants to understand and easy for the court to interpret, ask your lawyer for help in drafting a lease agreement that is clear as well as legally enforceable.

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