A Quality Solution with Rack Mounted KVM

Rack Mounted KVM is a high end solution over IP Switch that allows businesses to outperform the competition at every turn. It is a high performance option to provide multiple users the amazing benefit of managing 8, 16, 32 or 64 servers in a single switch. This kind of BIOS-level remote management has become a key contributor to businesses that are constantly using video, audio, smart card/CAC, and mobile access along with virtual media, for their day to day operations. It leads to enhanced reliability, better video performance and definitely more data security with for both general computer and dynamic broadcast applications.

These can efficiently meet the needs of large as well as medium sized businesses. From PC and server management to all kinds of business installations, they can streamline operational performance to a large extent. Now web-based remote management of servers, storage or network devices are easy to manage as well other varied applications. Upgrade and expansion of devices and applications is seamlessly integrated into existing operations without allowing gaps in performance. Whether they are deployed individually or in a centralized manner, these can be seamlessly integrated with all secure gateways ensuring operational integrity all the way.

These are ideal for all kinds of enterprise data centers and server rooms, for test labs, and ISPs. They offer optimum reliability and high performance under pressure, no matter how demanding a situation gets. They allow control up to multiple servers directly and can expand to 256 via cascading while being PS/2 and USB compatible. You can get high definition video support over-IP with audio which provides fast, at-the-rack performance and effortlessly supports broadcast and other dynamic, video-intensive applications. Outstanding remote BIOS level access leads to efficient reconfigure and reboot features along with easy troubleshooting.

In fact, the remote power reboot feature means that one can re-boot a hung or crashed server with simple single click. Opting for a high end Rack Mounted KVM means broadened compatibility with multiple platforms allowing one to expand the operational reach with all kinds of remote access. Other benefits include perfect mouse synchronization, increased reliability and redundancy with automatic failover options, BIOS-level access option to control server via Apple iPhones and iPads while providing a digital local port for fast, at-the-rack access at the same time. Care is taken to ensure that browser-based user interface is common to both local and remote access allowing for more productive usage.

RackmountLCDPro.com is a designer and manufacturer of High-End Rack Mounted KVM and other related products. Visit their website to learn more.

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