A Product of the Environment: A Look at How Commercial Pressure Cleaning Service in Cranberry PA Helps a Business

New York City famously underwent a campaign in the early 90’s to get rid of graffiti. Inarguably, the city was facing many greater challenges than the explosion of graffiti that populated the city. The list of “should be” priorities extends way beyond the scope of this article- or a book. But, the city went forward with the plan in an effort to circumvent the incredible rise in crime.

The practical considerations are mostly straightforward. The city had a clear plan to fight graffiti. They did not have a clear plan to fight crime, and that may have led to the campaign in the first place. The psychological repercussions were not as obvious. The crime was decreasing following the campaign perhaps because the environment itself was being cleaned up.

The city was “looking better.” It was looking less like a stereotypical crime-ridden city because of the decrease in graffiti, street art, and other things which are staples of what one would consider a “bad neighborhood.” The city also made an effort to clean up trash, and scheduled an additional trash pick-up day every week. If people are shaped by their environment, then a better-looking environment helped cool down crime in the 90’s.

Now, the data behind this assessment could be countered, argued, and explored indefinitely. The main takeaway is that it may very well be possible to shape the perspective and actions of people by the environment- and it makes sense. It makes sense that someone would be less inclined to commit the crime if the environment was just a little more pristine.

The same applies to businesses. A client may be more inclined to trust the business and work with them if it looks good. Commercial Pressure Cleaning Service in Cranberry PA is an aesthetic option. It does not directly service the business by increasing profits. But, it does beg the question of how an environment is perceived. A clean building supposes a clean business, morally and financially. It is a very indirect way of saying that a business is in good standing. These things matter. The environment shapes the actions.

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