A Personal Injury Attorney in Waukesha, WI, Helps You Cover Your Bills

Owning a car means having an auto insurance policy to go along with it. It’s necessary because states mandate that a driver have liability insurance at the very least. However, a liability policy may not have been updated in many years or was never a very good insurance company to begin with. This translates into what is known as an under insured driver who won’t have enough coverage to take care of a victim in an auto accident. When you are involved in an accident with someone who is under insured, you’re going to have a battle to fight. It’s one that is best done with a Personal Injury Attorney in Waukesha, WI at your side.

When you are in an accident and on the receiving end, you have the right to sue for reparation. Going after the person who hit you personally may not be worth the attempt, but if they have insurance, your Personal Injury Attorney in Waukesha, WI, can go after the insurance company for the benefits. However, this may not get you enough money to cover your damages due to the motorist being underinsured. That is, the parts of the insurance that cover your injuries, loss of property and other related issues don’t offer enough money. As an example, you may be looking at getting a total $20,000 from the policy because there simply isn’t enough insurance.

It’s at this point where your Personal Injury Attorney in Waukesha, WI, takes a look at your own auto insurance policy. If you have a policy that includes coverage for an under insured/uninsured motorist, your lawyer can request that the insurance company pay out on that alone. Even though you’ve paid for the insurance coverage, the insurer may be reluctant to pay out and find excuses not to do so.

Having a Personal Injury Attorney in Waukesha, WI go to the insurer sends a clear and strong message that you mean business. When you have representation, the insurance company is much less likely to drag its feet on paying out what it owes. As a result, you get your bills covered and recover damages to replace what you have lost from the incident.

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