A New Furnace Can Save in Energy Costs and Provide Cleaner, Safer Air

The average life span for a furnace averages between 16 – 20 years. When furnaces approach this age range, it is time to start planning for a new unit in the near future. There are also some warning signs that may alert owners that a New furnace or at least a major repair is needed. If homeowners are diligent and heed these warnings, they will save themselves a lot of frustration in the future. It is always best to take pre-emptive measures so one will not be left scrambling around when the furnace does become inoperable.

One of the first signs that a furnace is ageing may be the rise in energy costs. An older furnace will begin to exhibit reduced energy efficiency, especially if the system has not had proper maintenance over its lifetime. When energy bills start to rise, owners should start to consider purchasing a New furnace. The excess money spent on energy bills and costly repairs could be put towards a new furnace. Another sure sign a new furnace is needed is the lack of the unit to properly heat the home. If the owner is constantly fiddling with the thermostat because one or more rooms are not warm enough, this may mean the system is having trouble distributing the warm air adequately. Older furnaces may also begin to make strange noises when in need of replacement. There could be a variety of reasons for the noises but they are a definite sign that a costly repair is imminent. The most important item to check often is the color of the flame in the burner. If the color is more yellow than blue, this could be a dangerous problem. This usually indicates poisonous carbon monoxide could be entering the home and endangering the entire family.

Furnaces do not last forever and thankfully so. Newer furnaces can reduce heating costs, provide cleaner air and keep the family safer than older furnaces. Although the purchase of a new furnace may feel like an inconvenience, in the end the purchase is worth the price. Providing a warm, safe and comfortable environment for your family is always worth any cost. To Know more Visit us at East River Energy.

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