A Network Clock Can Keep Your Organization Running Smoothly

Does your company or educational organization have the need to time many important activities? If so, a modern network clock system (timing clock) can be used to provide a number of reminders and can perform a wide range of functions. Here are some of the good things they can do for you and your entire organization.

How Do Timing Clocks Work?

These timers are designed to run from your computer system. This keeps the time as accurate as you need, because most organizational computers are online and have access to one of the most accurate time settings possible. They are fully programmable and can be used to send signals to all kinds of devices at a specific time.

Benefits of Network Clock Systems

* School zone – you can activate and de-activate your crossing signals at a given time each day. You may also program how long you wish them to be on. Your system may be set to not function on weekends and specific holidays.

* Employee break reminders – if your workers all go to break or lunch at the same time, your system can sound a buzzer, bell or activate any kind of notification system you want.

* School bells – automatically control classroom school bells.

* Time locks – do you want to lock your business at a specific time each day. Perhaps there are certain doors you want locked after dark.
Lighting systems – you can have interior business lights come on or off automatically.


You may choose an AC, solar powered network clock system, or a combination of both. Quality units feature a seven day backup system in case of power loss. If you have the need to time many different operations you can choose additional relay outputs. Some units allow you to suspend programs, to allow for holidays.