A Multitude of Options for VOIP in Honolulu

Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) communication systems are clearer, faster, and easier to manage than telephones. The technology is available in a variety of options. Some systems are designed to accommodate small businesses. They are cost-effective, easy to operate, and expandable as the business grows.

Boxed Systems

PBX and VOIP in Honolulu can be purchased, installed, hosted, and maintained by the same company to ensure consistency and help clients save money. Installing a manufactured system consists of a few headsets and monitors, training on the software, and selecting features. Incoming calls can be routed to the right office or person by including a company directory that can be automated, for example, or calls can be answered remotely at a call center.

Custom Designs

A custom designed system will take slightly longer than a boxed product but will be best suited for larger companies, those with a mobile workforce, and businesses with unique needs. A free consultation is offered to help business owners decide which type of system will increase productivity, resulting in shorter wait times for customers or clients, and be the most efficient to operate.

Experienced professionals discover the needs and desired outcomes of the business owner and assess the current system used for VOIP in Honolulu. The design team is comprised of custom software developers, system integration experts, database programmers, and technicians. Whether the business needs an innovative solution to telecommunications or wishes to set up a central call center, a system can be designed to increase efficiency and capabilities.

Other Applications

In addition to small businesses and call centers, hotel phone systems, voice and internet connections, and web and video conference can also be installed, monitored, and maintained. Wireless security for networks is also offered. Secure emails, video meetings, collaborative sessions, and access to files to avoid hackers and breaches of confidential information. This is becoming increasingly important as most cyber attacks are launched via spam emails.

Backup and recovery services are available for systems. It is no longer enough to have business information backed up by one method. Information backed up on the internet can still be encrypted and stolen. Consider adding a secondary backup method, such as a flash drive or the cloud. Business owners can visit Envisionns.com for details on the multitude of systems available.

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