A Maintenance Checklist For Every HVAC Service In Schaumburg

Servicing your HVAC unit once in a while keeps it in proper shape, helps in the detection of problems early, and increases its longevity. Maintenance services are known to save you money and maintain your peace of mind in the long run. We have compiled a checklist to help you during your HVAC services in Schaumburg.

Thermostat setting check-up

Your thermostat settings should maintain comfort in your home, even in your absence. It should also help conserve energy without adjusting the system.

Electrical connections

The duct work and electrical wiring should be covered to prevent fires and other hazards. HVAC service in Schaumburg ensure that the connections are tidy with no leaks and loose ends.

Outdoor unit inspection

Accumulated dirt and debris can cause clogs within the HVAC system and duct work. HVAC service in Schaumburg must ensure that the outdoor unit is clean and clear, letting in clean air.

General operation assessment

How well does the system operate? Your AC technician must confirm that the unit starts, runs, and shuts off seamlessly.

Part replacements

Should you find broken, worn out, rust, or missing parts within the AC system, your technician should find replacements immediately.


Well lubricated running elements in the HVAC system ensure that your unit runs without resistance. It should also help you save energy.

Your maintenance schedules should feature the above checklist for a proper HVAC service. Call us now to speak to a qualified HVAC contractor. You could retrieve our contact information here Blue Frost Heating & Cooling.

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