A Look at How a Company Turns Sheet Metal Into Usable Parts in the UK

A sheet metal company has the tools and techniques to handle this industrial material. The fabricators can turn this durable material into countless commercial and household goods. It is available in various thicknesses and in sheets, tubes, and rolls.

The Metal

Stainless steel is probably the most common sheet, but it is also available in aluminum and brass. The automotive industry uses the brass variety, and construction crews and airlines frequently need the aluminum sheets.


There are several methods that a sheet metal company will use to form the flat metal into a usable part. A press brake is a heavy-duty device. Workers will place sheets in these presses to create a valley or V bend. The machines often use compressed air to make the needed pressure.


When an operation punches steel, they create uniform pieces with a press and die. The rolled metal is best suited for this application. Crews can punch simple shapes as well as complex angles. Technology and modern equipment can punch out multiple shapes in a matter of seconds now. Stamping is also a form of punching.


Fabricators can feed sheets or coils through rolling machines if a customer needs an arc or soft bend. An operation can use heat or a cold method to achieve this curve. Standard hot-rolled products are automotive frames, railroad components, and highway guard rails. Smaller items are usually rolled cold, such as lighting fixtures, exhaust pipes, and hardware. For more on how and what a sheet metal company can create, contact SAMS Fabrications Ltd at http://www.samsfabrications.co.uk/