A Little Bit About The History Of Industrial Machining in Pascagoula Mississippi

Nowadays, the term “industrial machining” describes a process of removing unwanted metal from a metal object through cutting, abrasion, and non-traditional processes. The modern profession combines both traditional tools and advanced modern technology. However, the field of Industrial Machining in Pascagoula Mississippi has evolved considerably over time.

The word “machinist” was used in the 18th century to describe someone who could build or repair machines. A machinist carved wood and forged or filled metal by hand, for the most part. In those days, a millwright, who designed and built water mills and other similarly complex machines, was another type of machinist. The verb “to machine” did not exist in those days.

The 19th century brought the Industrial Revolution and large-scale mass production of goods. As mechanical engineering developed, so did the variety of processes to design and produce machines. In this period, the verb “machining” came into being, and it referred to such processes as boring, turning, milling, sawing, shaping, and planing, to name a few. During this period also, machine fabrication tools like lathes, milling machines, and drill presses came into common usage. These tools are still referred to as conventional machining tools.

Nowadays, machine fabrication is still performed through these conventional methods; however, advances in technology have added new types of machining, including electrical discharge machining, electron beam machining, photochemical machining, electrochemical machining, and ultrasonic machining.

In modern conventional machining, the three most common tools of production are the lathe, the mill, and the drill press. The lathe is a machine that spins a cylindrical piece of metal while a cutting tool removes excess metal. A milling machine uses a rotating tool to cut a fixed piece of metal. The mill is the most common piece of machining equipment. A drill press uses a rotating cutter tool to bore a hole in a piece of metal. Grinding and burnishing are additional processes that may be used to finish a piece of metal.

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