A Guide for Social Security and Disability Claims

In Florida, all social security disability claims are initially submitted to the Social Security Administration. All applications are redirected to the Division of Disability Determinations for a final decision. Once this division evaluates the application they make a determination and contact the applicant. According to recent statistics, the initial approval rate is twenty-six percent.

Who Reviews the Application?
The Social Security Administration utilizes disability examiners to evaluate physical disabilities. These examiners aren’t specialists. In most cases, they are general medicine doctors. This could lead to an inaccurate diagnosis or failure to identify the disability. All mental illnesses or disorders require a licensed psychiatrist to make a determination. They then report their findings back to the Division of Disability Determinations.

What Are the Differences in Claims?
Social security and disability claims for SSI are for applicants who don’t have any previous work history. In most cases, the applicant is a minor or developed the condition during childhood or their teen years. The claim identifies a condition that prevents them from ever becoming employed.
SSDI is a form of insurance provided to individuals with a work history. These individuals were injured or developed the condition in their adult lives. The condition identified must stop the applicant from returning to work in any field. The individual cannot receive benefits because they cannot acquire a job in the same field in which they worked previously only. They must face difficulty working in any field.

What Is Reconsideration?
Reconsideration is a stage in which a new caseworker evaluates the application. This process happens after the applicant is denied benefits. They must file an appeal to start the reconsideration process. If they are denied again, the applicant may hire an attorney to schedule a disability hearing. During this process, a judge makes the final decision.

Social security and disability claims are processed through several stages. Any cases that enter into reconsideration have an eight percent chance of approval. Cases in which the patient possesses conclusive evidence of their disability and how it affects them have a better than average chance of approval. Applicants who were denied disability benefits should visit Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com for more information.

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