A Growing Trend for Kitchens

One of the biggest trends for kitchens can be found with the implementation of granite countertops.  These are beautifully made counters that are extremely durable when sealed and installed correctly.  Because granite is such a strong material, you can perform many daily activities on it and it will not show wear and tear.  There are many benefits to choosing this material over the others and with the increased popularity, the cost is also less inhibitive than before.

If you are looking for a durable surface for your kitchen, look no further than granite.  It is heat resistant so if you need to put a hot pan or plate on the surface, it will not cause any damage.  This can be helpful when you are in a hurry and may forget to use a trivet or hot pad. This also means your small appliances such as toasters, griddles, and fryers can be on the granite surface without causing damage.  You can actually use the items in your kitchen without fear of ruining the surfaces.  The seal on the granite countertops is important with certain types of granite and will ensure it lasts for years and years.  The seal on this type of stone is very difficult to damage or take off.  The added bonus of granite is that the color is all the way through the stone.  So if you damage a section and it needs to be slightly sanded or repaired, the color is the same and not just on the top layer.

Granite countertops come in many shades and color mixtures.  Each piece is unique and is a showcase.  When the light hits the surface, you’ll notice flecks of other colors within the main color. Veins, spots, shades, and even swirls are present in the stone and you’ll see differences when the light hits it.  It is a thing of beauty that lasts for many years.  The granite can be cut to compliment any style of kitchen or space.  If you want rounded edges, scalloped edges, or square, granite can be cut to accommodate. It can even be beveled to create more depth in the stone and counter itself.  The granite can be found to match almost every paint color and any hue, even wallpaper and patterns can be matched with granite.  Not only will it be a beautiful piece but it will not absorb bacteria, stains, or be damaged from regular wear and tear.

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