A few tips to help you hire the best concrete contractors

Hiring any contractor can be time consuming and the process can often be frustrating, however there are a few things that you can do to ensure that you end up hiring the best concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL.

The internet has become the best friend of anyone setting out to hire a concrete contractor. The internet will allow you not only to develop a list of potential contractors; it is also a great tool to help you educate yourself about the business. The more you know about any subject allows you to ask the right questions and also gives you a good idea of what answers you should be getting. Although there are a number of questions to ask, there are a few that are extremely important.

• How many years has the contractor been in the concrete business? The failure rate of new businesses is quite high, if the concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL that you are talking to have five years or more experience the business will usually be reliable and stable which is a must. Concrete work is something that must be done right and done right the first time. You do not want to end up hiring a contractor who fails to complete the job or does the job but it is not to your satisfaction.

• What insurance does the contractor have? Fly-by-night outfits will rarely be licensed and insured. Never hire concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL that cannot show you proof of both. Insurance is extremely important as it will safeguard you and your property against any possible liability should an accident happen. You must insist that the contractor you hire has both workers compensation insurance and adequate liability insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask to see copies of the policy and if you have doubts call the insurance company.

The best concrete contractor will have had many jobs prior to yours, ask the companies to provide you with the names of a couple of past customers that you can contact. It is past clients that will give you insight into the work ethic and skills of the contractor and his crew. Ask if you can make a visual inspection of the work they did. This is an industry where it is impossible to hide anything including quality of material and workmanship. Just by having a look at past work you can get a very good idea about the skill of the contractor.

Reputable and responsible concrete contractors in Jacksonville FL will provide you with a written quotation as well as a contract that covers in detail all the agreements that have been made. Review the contract carefully and only sign it when you are happy with the contents.

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