A few things to remember if you have to defend your workers’ comp claim

If you file a claim for workers compensation and then you are called upon to defend it you will have a far better chance at being successful if you are fully aware of your rights and you have complete documentation available which you can use to support your claim. Any worker who is injured while on the job is obliged to report the injury with a minimum of delay as well as seek medical attention. These two preemptory moves are what you need to prove what your injury was and under what circumstances the injury occurred. If your claim is denied you are well advised to seek the help of workers compensation lawyers in Clifton NJ.

The strategy that will be used in defense of your claim is all based on your rights as an employee, under law. The workers comp system has been developed to provide compensation for anyone who is injured or even disabled while working. Workers comp not only compensates one for injuries, it also pays all medical expenses and the worker does not have to make any contributions. The trade off is that you cannot sue your employer for damages; there are very few circumstances where a suit is a possibility. It is almost a matter of course to sue for pain and suffering in a civil suit but this is not possible when the injury happens at work under law.

Most bona-fide companies have workers compensation insurance. The insurance is designed to provide cover should an employee be injured while on the job. Although this is oriented towards an injured employee, never forget that it is insurance and insurance companies are motivated by profit and profit alone. If they can disprove a claim, they will try, if this should happen to your claim, as the injured employee you should hire workers compensation lawyers in Clifton NJ. Between you and the lawyers you must be in a position to support the claim and to prove that the claim was made properly, it was done timely and the injury did happen at work.

Your workers compensation lawyers will interview any fellow workers that were witnesses to the accident, the lawyers will also gather all your medical records which support the claim, the medical records are an irrefutable source of information on how the injury happened, they can be used to prove it was in no way the fault of the employee.

If your claim for compensation is denied then you should talk to workers compensation lawyers in Clifton NJ.You are invited to contact Bagolie Friedman Injury lawyers.

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