A Few Roofing Options Longview, TX Homeowners May Consider for Their Home

Just a few decades ago, the only roofing options that were available included asphalt shingles, concrete or clay tiles, and sleet. Nowadays, homeowners have a wide range of roofing options to choose from.

Solar tiles are a great option in areas where a homeowners association will not allow typical solar panels. These tiles can integrate seamlessly into existing roof shingles in Longview, TX. These shingles will help offset the cost of energy.

Asphalt shingles are popular in the United States. They are inexpensive and need to be replaced about every 20 years. In areas where hail is common, it is wise to go with asphalt roof shingles in Longview, TX, that offer higher impact resistance.

Metal roofing can last 50 to 60 years. It comes in the form of shingles that resemble tile or slate. It is also available in vertical panels. Because it is lightweight, metal roofing can be installed over an existing roof.

A homeowner who is looking for a roof that will last for more one hundred years may wish to install slate roofing. It is resistant to fungus and mold and is waterproof. It is an expensive roofing option and is heavy. A rubber slate roof may be an alternative in areas that are prone to hail. The roofer will be able to cut the rubber slate with a knife and fit it perfectly on almost any roof.

A green roof can reduce water runoff, insulate a home, and improve air quality. Green roofs are covered with plants and often need extra structural support.

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