A Few Reasons to Hire a Chicago Franchise Attorney for Your Business

Do you have a successful business that you would like to duplicate all over the state or region, maybe even the nation? If so, you will need to do it by franchising. However, franchising your business is complicated, so you want to do it right. It all starts with a franchise agreement attorney firm in Chicago. The following are just a few things they can help you with.

They Can Help with the Monetary Aspect of the System

There are many ways that a franchisor makes money, as well as the franchise owner. You want each franchise owner to make money, but you want to make money too. It is important to understand the source of your revenue from a franchise. Is it the lease of equipment or the lease of land or a building? There are many possibilities.

They Can Help with the Agreement on Responsibilities

Part of the success with franchising is that you and your franchise owners know exactly who is responsible for certain activities. How much advertising will each party be responsible for? What will all franchise owners be restricted from doing, and what freedom will they be given operating in their local area? All of this must be clearly written down in a franchise agreement.

For more details on all the aspects of a franchise agreement, you need to consult a franchise agreement attorney in Chicago. A good example of one is Franlaw in Oak Brook, Illinois. More information about their services can be found on Franlaw.

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