A Few Moving Tips To Make The Job Easier

No matter how good you think your memory is, when contemplating a move you will need a list so that things that are not part of your normal routine don’t slip under the radar. Moving is not as easy as it looks, it can be very complicated and because of this organization is a must.

It is a good idea to make two lists, one list dedicates itself to the strategic element; calling movers Ottawa, getting estimates on the move, making sure the services are terminated, advise the post office of your forwarding address, etc. Your second list dedicates itself to the contents of your home, you need to list all the boxes, their contents and give them a number. On your list write the box number and next to that write a brief description of the box contents. This little exercise makes placing the boxes in the right rooms in your new home very simple.

In many cases the professional movers in Ottawa are chosen to not only make the move but to box the items as well. If this part of the process is your responsibility then you will want to arrange packing material well in advance. In many cases you can buy the boxes from the moving company, if this is the case buy plenty and arrange for them to refund any that are not used. If you have to purchase the boxes elsewhere, consider passing them on to a friend who also may be moving or arrange for them to be recycled.

Make sure you have plenty of wide packing tape and a couple of tape dispensers. Buy a couple of large bags of foam peanuts you protect your valuable items. A tip: don’t use newspaper for protective purposes, the ink will come off and soil your valuables. If you can’t locate foam peanuts the use unprinted newsprint.

Although it may not be mandatory, the new residents in the home you are leaving will appreciate if they find it reasonably clean. You may also have to do some quick cleaning when you arrive in your new home. Keep cleaning supplies behind; include disinfectants, scouring powder, rubber gloves, sponges and rags. Keep everything in a bucket that is easy to put in the car when you leave for the last time.


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