A Few Good Tips For Lawn Care

For many people the vision of summer is a freshly mown, green lawn. A lawn is the predominate feature in many gardens regardless of whether it is used to have an “at home” picnic with the family or whether it is used to exemplify beautiful garden spaces. Establishing, growing and maintaining a healthy lawn can often be a battle, especially for those who may be novices at gardening. There are a number of useful tips for lawn care in Chesapeake VA that can help ensure that, within a matter of a short few weeks you will have a verdant carpet of grass which is the dream of all homeowners.

Watering the lawn is extremely important, regulating the watering is equally so. A lawn can quickly dry up and die of thirst; they can also suffer perhaps even more from over-watering. Most grass that is used for lawns requires less than two inches of water weekly, this of course is a combination of rain and water from your sprinklers. To ensure that your lawn is getting enough water but not too much it is a good idea to purchase a simple rain gauge. Rain gauges are available off the shelf in almost every garden center and nursery; they can save the homeowner a lot of trouble by measuring the amount of water which translates into soil moisture.

Fertilization is also very important however, the amount of fertilizer depends very much on the type of grass and the local climate. Although the choice of fertilizer will vary, the need for it does not; all grass needs nourishment and it is the nutrients in the fertilizer that ensure that your grass will continue to grow and flourish throughout the growing season. Professionals that provide lawn care in Chesapeake VA suggest that lawns be fertilized and treated for weeds three to six times a year.

Fertilizer, although extremely important, is not all that is needed to ensure a healthy lawn. For fertilizer to work effectively it must be applied when it is possible to water the lawn heavily, it must not dry out as this will prevent the nourishment from going deep into the soil where it is needed most. When it comes to effective lawn care in Chesapeake VA consider working with a local company that offers professional lawn care, they will know exactly what fertilizer to use and when to use it all based on the grass that makes up your lawn.

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