A Few FAQs Regarding Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet IL

Unfortunately, being an athlete is not a requirement for contracting the athletes foot virus. Dermatologist’s state that in any given time period, nearly half the adult population in the United States, will have a bout with this virus. Many will seek Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet IL as well. Following are some FAQs regarding Athletes foot disease.

Signs & Symptoms – The most noticeable sign of athletes foot noted by health care professionals at Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates, include redness, and flaking or peeling skin of the feet, especially in between the toes. Patients also report a stinging or burning sensation of the affected area and occasionally blisters. It is also likely that the infection can spread to the toenails causing them to become thickened, discolored, and crumbly.

What Are Causes Of Athletes Foot – Cases of athletes feet that require Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet IL, are the result of a fungal infection that primarily strikes the feet, and less often the palms and fingers of the hand. Also called tinea pedis it is the most common of these type infections.

How Is It Contracted? – Fungal infections require moisture to thrive, so it is no surprise that the majority of these types of infections are contracted and spread in locations such as public swimming pools, gym locker rooms, and fitness centers.

How Is It Treated? – After confirmation of diagnosis by a dermatologist, an anti-fungal ointment or cream is typically prescribed, and usually resolves the condition within a month. A critical step in treating the condition is to eliminate any fungus that might be present in one’s footwear, by using an anti-fungal spray.

How Can It Be Prevented? – The most effective method of prevention is to avoid going barefoot in areas most likely to harbor the fungus, such as locker rooms, health or fitness centers, and swimming pools. Thoroughly dry your feet after getting wet especially between the toes. Change socks as needed to prevent prolonged exposure to moisture. Regular use of anti-fungal powders are recommended for individuals prone to athletes feet. Wear cotton socks instead of synthetic materials as the latter retains moisture.

Without Athletes Foot Treatments in Joliet IL, the infection causing athletes foot is likely to recur. Recurring infections can lead to secondary bacterial infections. Signs of bacterial infection include feet that are warm to the touch and swollen, or the presence of a fever.

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