A DWI Attorney in Salisbury, MD Can Look Into Alternate Outcomes for Their Clients

A conviction for a DWI can impact a person’s life greatly. There’s the possibility of jail time and a significant amount of fines, and they may be convicted and have a criminal record. This can make it more difficult for them to obtain a job and there are certain types of jobs they may never be able to do. A DWI attorney in Salisbury, MD will look into alternative outcomes for their client when possible.

The Goal Is to Avoid a Conviction

Being arrested can, in and of itself, have an impact on a person’s life at the time of the arrest. However, if they are convicted, the impact can last for the rest of their life. Many jobs will not hire someone who has been convicted of a crime. The conviction will remain on their criminal background indefinitely because a DUI arrest cannot be expunged in Maryland. The job of an attorney, therefore, is to try to help their client avoid a conviction.

Look Into Charges Being Dismissed

It may be possible to have the charges dismissed. This happens more than many people might believe, but it is important for the person to be careful during and after the arrest. They will want to speak with a lawyer quickly to determine if there’s a way to have the charges dismissed or to have enough evidence dismissed that a conviction is unlikely. The only way to completely avoid a conviction is for the charges to be dismissed.

Deferred Conviction Might Be Possible

It is possible for an arrested person to obtain a deferred conviction. While the DUI will still be on their criminal record, they will not have pled guilty or been found guilty in court. This could make a difference in the future. Additionally, they will be on probation for a period of time and will be able to avoid going to jail. They will need to follow the terms of the probation carefully to avoid further issues.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DWI, you will not want to wait to speak with a DWI attorney in Salisbury, MD. Contact an attorney today to learn more about your options on how to handle your case and to see if there’s a way to avoid a conviction. Visit the website for Ocean City Lawyer now to learn more.

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