A Construction Fence in Chicago Protects a Site from Vandals and Thieves

Construction site security is a growing concern for developers. As the price of copper pipe and wire increases, these materials become attractive targets for thieves. Nearby residents may also decide that a construction site is a convenient location to dump their household trash or toxic materials. Vandals may just have fun destroying another person’s property. It’s even possible that neighbors unhappy with a project may decide to sabotage it. A construction fence in Chicago is an affordable solution for all of these concerns.

Contractors have two choices when they select a Construction Fence in Chicago. They may opt for a fence that is supported by posts that are driven into the ground, or they may opt for one supported by braces that sit on top of the ground. While both offer a secure base, the pole driven fence is the best option for a high-risk site. Installation crews set the poles two feet into the ground. Intruders have a very difficult time pushing over fences supported by posts set this deep. Chain link fence panels are attached to the posts. They are usually either six or eight feet tall. They can also be topped with barb wire for an added layer of security. This creates an intimidating presence that can deter many criminals.

Temporary fence panels are a good solution for developers who want to move the fence as the project is constructed. This is also a convenient solution to construction sites that have large paved areas. Posts that are attached to metal clamps or concrete blocks provide strong support for chain link fence panels. These panels are shorter than post driven fences. They can be as high as six feet. Barb wire can also be used to top off these fences.

Either type of fencing needs a gate to allow access. A variety of sizes are available to accommodate small vehicles to large construction equipment. Contractors can opt for gates as narrow as four feet or as wide as 20 feet. They can Visit United Rentafence to learn more about temporary fencing options. They are one of the companies that provide these services in the Chicago area.

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