A Chiropractor Can Help With CTS In Chaska, MN

Carpal tunnel can be debilitating to deal with if you work with your hands at a computer or drive a lot, such as a truck driver. A Chiropractor in Chaska, MN can help with CTS without the use of surgery. Chiropractors can help with more than just neck and back pain. Carpal tunnel affects many people, and they want to seek non-invasive ways to eliminate the pain. Carpal tunnel develops due to repetitive stress injury, also known as RSI. Carpal tunnel affects individuals such as computer operators, typists, secretaries, factory workers and truck drivers who repeatedly perform the same motion.

When carpal tunnel is diagnosed early, the damage is limited. CTS in Chaska, MN, includes a thorough examination of the patient. Misalignment of the spine can help cause symptoms of carpal tunnel. Supporting the wrist is another treatment a chiropractor may recommend in addition to manipulation of the wrist and arm. Ultrasound therapy is another available treatment. Using waves of sound to penetrate the muscle and the joint helps to stimulate the area and increase the blood supply. The body uses its natural healing process with this type of treatment to heal itself without the use of surgery and physical therapy.

Tendons and nerves can become inflamed from carpal tunnel syndrome. Various nerves can be affected, starting at the neck, which the chiropractor will examine first. The various nerves that run through the arm can also become crushed or damaged that could give symptoms of carpal tunnel. Once diagnosed, the ultrasound, manipulation and support of the wrist through a brace can eliminate the pain caused by carpal tunnel. If the pain is coming from various nerves from the neck to the hand, the chiropractor can help to rehabilitate these nerves back into the proper working order and eliminate the pain.

Utilizing the medical services of a chiropractor could eliminate the need for surgery. Correcting the alignment and finding the cause of the tingling in the hands and fingers could be traced to nerve irritation in the neck. It’s better to start with chiropractic care when tingling and numbness is affecting the hands. For more information on how chiropractic care can help carpal tunnel, contact Chanhassen Chiropractic.