A Child Custody Law Attorney in Stroudsburg, PA Helps Clients Understand the Law

One of the issues that become complicated for those couples who are divorcing is when children are involved. There are two main things that come into the courtroom with that issue: child support and child custody. The battles can become quite fierce when children are involved. Each parent will need to have a lawyer well-versed in family law, particularly where child custody is concerned. The thing is, whoever has child custody is also usually the one who gets child support. There is a child custody law attorney in Stroudsburg, PA who helps clients get awarded custody. These are some of the factors that come into play.

From a legal standpoint, clients should understand that the court recognizes and appoints two kinds of custody: physical custody and legal custody. The first custody is where the child physically lives with the parent or awarded guardian. The latter gives the parent the right to be involved in major decisions in the life of the child. Meanwhile, the court will actually decide which parent gets awarded what custody, according to the best interests of the child. The court will take into account the child’s wishes.

Another thing to be aware of is that the court will look at past histories. For example, if either parent has a history of drug abuse, alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or criminal convictions, these things could adversely affect that parent getting custody. The court will also consider which parent is more likely to be agreeable in encouraging contact with the children, and maybe even which parent is in a more stable situation to financially care for the children. The important thing is that each parent hires an attorney who can present his or her case favorably.

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