A Brief Guide To Dry Needling In Fargo

In North Dakota, chronic pain sufferers visit rehabilitation centers to manage their condition more proactively. Their clinician performs an exam and x-ray services to determine the best care plan for the patient. Clinicians often choose holistic techniques for improving the patient’s quality of life and managing their pain. A local rehab center provides Dry Needling in Fargo for their patients.

What is it Exactly?

The procedure involves the placement of needles into target areas of the muscles. The clinician performs one of two types of dry needling. The options are intramuscular manual and trigger point dry needling. An acupuncturist is needed to complete the procedure properly. It is a holistic approach to longer-lasting pain relief for patients.

What are Trigger Points?

The trigger points or pain receptors are located within specific sections of muscle groups. Once engaged, the trigger point releases natural pain relievers into the body. By triggering these points frequently, the body increases production of serotonin and controls pain. It is an effective treatment for individuals who have chronic pain and don’t want to take heavy medications frequently.

Are the Needles Painful?

No, the acupuncturist knows where to place the needles within the muscles and won’t produce any pain. The rush of serotonin occurs quickly, and the patient experiencing fast relief. The needles are thin and lightweight. If performed appropriately, the skin won’t bleed or leave behind evidence of the treatment.

What are the Benefits of Dry Needling?

Other than the obvious long-lasting pain relief, the acupuncture treatment improves range of motion. It also lowers the frequency of symptoms and allows patients to perform normal tasks more effectively. Patients that undergo the treatments regularly don’t need narcotic pain medications that are debilitating. The holistic approach to treating their chronic condition allows them to use over-the-counter medications as needed.

In North Dakota, holistic doctors provide alternative techniques for treating pain and discomfort. Common treatment strategies are massage therapy and acupuncture. The services help relax the muscles and engage natural pain relievers. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment for Dry Needling in Fargo visit our website for further information about the treatment today.

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