A Basic Checklist for Using Long Distance Medical Transportation

Long distance medical transportation specialists are excellent options to consider if one of your loved ones has some sort of ailment that makes it unsafe for him or her to travel in standard passenger vehicles. Keep reading to learn about some basic things to do if you’re booking a trip with such a company.

Figure Out When the Transportation Needs to Occur

Although some companies can accommodate clients on very short notice, it’s always best to give as much notice as possible. That ensures the company will have enough staff members available to keep your loved one comfortable, and it also gives you ample time to explain any specifics needs for the journey.

Gather Information About the Passenger

Transport specialists need to know some crucial details about each passenger. Those may include whether the person has the ability to move or sit throughout a journey, if he or she is on a special diet, whether oxygen is required, and if the person will be traveling with any other passengers. It’s a good idea to jot down all those things before you even contact a long distance medical transportation provider. Then it should be easier to get an accurate quote for the services you require.

Provide Enough Medication for the Long Distance Trip

If your loved one is taking prescription or over-the-counter medication, ask the long distance medical transportation specialist how much medication you need to prepare for the journey. Generally, it’ll be recommended that you get enough doses ready to cover each day of a trip, plus some extra doses in case they’re needed in an unexpected situation.

Although some companies provide amenities like oxygen for free, you’ll be responsible for medications. If your loved one is diabetic or has some other condition that could have dangerous complications when medication is not taken regularly, it’s especially important to get doses ready for the upcoming journey.

These are not the only factors to keep in mind when preparing to use a long distance medical transportation provider, but they should get you off to a good start by helping you not forget about any major parts of the trip. Long distance trips can be challenging, but the tips above should help them go smoothly and make everyone feel at ease.

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