A backyard basketball court is a great idea

Basketball is a great game, it can be enjoyed by young and old alike and although skill is a definite, even shooting hoops with the kids can be a great deal of family fun. When someone comes in who does basketball court construction and repair in Sarasota FL it seems the whole neighborhood gets excited, it’s a great thing for everyone.

The builder will first have a good look at the area where you want the court and after making measurements will suggest that you have enough space for either a full court or a half court. Although a full court is desirable, just as much fun can be had playing on a half court and certainly the amount of exercise will be the same or more.

When it comes to efficient basketball court construction and repair in Sarasota FL the builder will want to arrange all materials in advance. When you are sitting with the contractor impress upon him that you want an accurate estimate of all the components and material before the work is started, this allows for the creation of a budget that will be stuck too. The material will be crushed stone or gravel, cement, the pole for the hoop, the backboard, hoop and any miscellaneous material needed to create the form for the poured concrete surface. The work usually consists of digging out perhaps six inches of top dirt a little larger than the court surface; this depression is filled with gravel or crushed stone which is then tamped tightly. The form is built and the concrete is mixed and poured. If it is possible to get a large vehicle to the site, many contractors will lay the surface with Ready-Mix concrete.

The pole that supports the backboard and hoop should be placed prior to pouring the slab; the contractor will set it so that when completed, the hoop will be precisely the dimensions found on a regulation court. Once everything to this point is completed and the concrete is dry, if additional surface is to be added, now is the time that it is done. Once the floor has the correct surface the lines are painted on and the court is officially ready for play.

Stewart Tennis Courts & Fencing, Inc. is a company which is well suited for basketball court construction and repair in Sarasota FL. Do not hesitate to contact them for a proposal.

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