7 Tips for Buying Car Insurance in Erie PA

When it’s time to shop for Car Insurance In Erie PA, you should begin the process knowing more than the price you’re quoted by an insurance company. Price is but one factor to consider; quality of coverage, exclusions and deductibles are important as well. In this article, you’ll find several questions to ask an agent before you sign paperwork on a new car insurance policy.

1. What does that term mean? -; Before signing papers, ask the agent to explain how coverage works. Once you have a basic understanding, ask about restrictions and exclusions. For instance, many policies exclude vehicles used for business purposes.

2. Who is covered? Every licensed driver in your home, and everyone else who has access to the vehicle, should be named in policy documents. Don’t omit drivers as a cost-cutting measure -; your claim will be denied if a non-named driver wrecks your car.

3. Is there enough liability insurance? States have low minimums for liability coverage, and you’ll need more if you have substantial assets. In the event of a severe accident, the victims’ attorneys will pursue you if you don’t have enough coverage.

4. How much is the deductible? Besides those for comprehensive and collision insurance, ask your agent whether there’s a glass deductible. Many insurers offer zero deductibles on glass, so you can fix minor blemishes before they grow bigger.

5. Am I getting every possible discount? Every insurer offers different discounts, and you’ll need to ask in order to get all for which you are eligible. When you renew your policy, ask if there are any new discounts.

6. Should I change my coverage? There’s really no reason to have comprehensive and collision coverage on an old, beat-up car. You may want to get more coverage if your living situation has changed, or if you’ll need rental car reimbursement after an accident. If you have added aftermarket accessories to your car, you’ll need to buy custom equipment coverage.

7. What’s the schedule for surcharges? Ask how much your rates will increase if you get a ticket or cause a crash. Insurers don’t readily divulge this information, but will tell you if you ask.

Buying Car Insurance In Erie PA is an important decision that can have long-lasting financial effects. By asking about fees, coverage, deductibles, exclusions and basic terminology, you can buy the policy that is best for your budget and your needs.

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