7 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated in Your Physical Fitness Program

Even if you find a great physical fitness program that works with your lifestyle and your schedule, it can be difficult to stay motivated. This is especially true once you are into the program and are not seeing the same rapid results that you probably saw at the start of your program. Here are our tips to keeping motivated.

  1. Ask for help. Whether it’s a personal trainer or a group of friends, having people who will both encourage you and hold you accountable is a great way to stay motivated.
  2. Measure your success in a number of ways. Measure inches, how many minutes you can run without stopping, how long you can hold a plank, etc. and compare those measures as you progress. You will find that even when the scale will not move, you are still making progress.
  3. Spoil yourself while you work out. Life too busy to binge your favorite shows or get time to read? Watch that show or listen to an audiobook while you work out!
  4. Set goals and write them down. Make sure you include short-term and long-term goals, so you can see the progress you make.
  5. Reward yourself. Give yourself regular non-food rewards when you hit your goals, like scheduling a post-workout-massage.
  6. Make it a habit. You have probably heard that it takes 21 days to make a habit. That is not true; it actually takes closer to two months to form a new habit. So, be prepared to spend a little while making physical fitness a regular part of your life.
  7. Buy new clothes. If you are on a weight-loss journey, you are not going to buy entire new wardrobes in every smaller size, but do splurge on a few items that show off the hard work you have done!

To find out more ways to stay motivated and introduce yourself to a great physical fitness program, come see us at The MAX Challenge on Staten Island in Grasmere, NY.

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