6 Helpful Long Distance Moving Tips

If you plan to relocate to another part of the country, it can be a life changing experience, whether you live in Atlanta, Miami, or somewhere in California. This is not only a major event for you, but also for everyone in the family. Here are 6 important tips many professional long distance movers recommend, to help you have a safer and smoother transition.

1. Pack Efficiently

If you are doing your own packing or part of your own packing, be efficient. In other words, make sure every box is as full as possible. This can save you money on shipping and you may need fewer containers. In addition, when boxes are completely full, there is less room for things to shift around and break.

2. Buy Sturdy Moving Boxes

You might be able to get away with cheap recycled boxes for a short move, but when you plan to move many miles, your boxes need to be sturdy enough to survive the shipment. It doesn’t cost too much to invest in high quality cardboard boxes. In fact, many long distance movers in the Atlanta area carry all the moving supplies you will require.

3. Buy Insurance

Whether you move yourself or hire professionals, you should make sure you have sufficient insurance for your things. Talk to your insurance agent about moving insurance. If you are using professional movers, you should have the choice of standard insurance or you can purchase additional insurance to cover the full value of your things. If you own expensive items, it may be a good idea to take out the added insurance.

4. Don’t Pack Everything

As soon as you arrive at your new destination you will need certain things. If you already have them available it will make it much easier. You also may wish to consider placing your important items at the end of the truck, so they will be easy to access. You should include these things:

  • Important papers and documents
  • Bedding
  • Pre-packaged snack foods
  • Change of clothing
  • Personal hygiene and grooming items like soap, towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair dryers, razors, and anything else you feel is important.
  • Cleaning supplies

5. Make Sure All Moving Boxes are Clearly Marked

When you use long distance movers, be sure every box lists the contents. In addition, write your name is on each box, so there is no confusion.

6. Check State Laws on Transporting Goods

You may not be able to bring certain items into your new state. For example, you might be moving from Atlanta to California and California has laws against bringing in food items and materials which may contain insects.

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