6 Factors Before You Pick a Racking System

Pick the right racking solution for your warehouse. Streamline your operations by having the right racking system installed. Here are essential factors to ponder on to help you select a racking system that suits you.


Consider your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a new warehouse racking solution? Do the math and figure out the estimated cost for every pallet. Your budget will already limit your options.


What do you need? Consider the type of goods or inventory that you have. Are they in standard size? It’s easier to shop around for a racking system that fits items in standard size. If they’re irregularly shaped, though, you might end up spending more.

Floor Utilization

Is it possible for the racking system to take up every inch of the floor? When you consider a racking system, look for options that can take advantage of your floor space and plan. You need one that doesn’t space, even an inch of that floor space.

Storage Utilization

Aside from the size and shape of your cargo, you’ll need to consider its weight, too. It’s important that you buy racking options that can hold up that weight with no problems.

Racking Quality

This is also where quality options come in. You want to invest in durable racking systems. They need to stand the test of time. More importantly, they need to have the capacity to hold the weight of your inventory.

Long Term Value

When you shop for a racking solution, pick one that offers you long-term value instead of one that offers you the cheapest cost around. Cheap racks might break down much too easily. You want a racking system that will last you for years even if it costs you a bit more. For stellar results, shop for long term value.

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