6 Benefits of Emergency Power Systems in Lebanon NJ

Now that winter is here, it’s important to have the home’s heating system inspected for efficiency and air quality. However, there’s another important tip to consider: the importance of emergency power systems in Lebanon NJ. When it’s cold outside, having reliable home heating is essential. Below, homeowners will learn why they should consider installing one of these systems.

For Backup Heating

This is one of the most obvious points, and it’s also one of the most important. While it’s great to have a reliable heating repair company on call, no HVAC technician can get the system running during a power outage. Here, a backup power system can be a real lifesaver.

Staying in Business

Some people run small businesses from home or other locations. Here, having a backup power system will allow work to continue. There are thousands of power outages every year, and just one can be devastating to a small business.

Ample Power

For heating the home, it’s best to consider emergency power systems in Lebanon NJ that provide 5000-15,000 watts. While portable generators are good for camping, standalone systems can keep the whole home warm.

Keeping Important Appliances Running

For most homeowners, the refrigerator is the essential appliance. After all, no one wants to replace an entire fridge full of food because of a power outage! Standalone power systems can also keep devices like home security systems, laptops, phones, and medical equipment, running throughout the storm.

Powering a Sump Pump

What’s worse than a power outage during a winter storm? Having the sump pump shut off, resulting in basement flooding. In many cases, installing an emergency power system is less expensive than repairing water damage.

Providing Reassurance

Many kids get a bit nervous during nighttime power outages. Here, something as seemingly insignificant as a night light may help keep them calm. As most people know, a light scares away those pesky monsters who like to hide under the bed!


It’s important to have an HVAC service to call on in an emergency, but having a backup power system is still a smart move for any homeowner. Call the company today or contact us online to schedule an estimate.

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