5 Ways Pet LED Collars Save Lives

Most people who have made the decision to own a dog come to think of them as family.  The unconditional love and the wet nose that greets you every day is hard not to love.  It’s easy to understand that most pet parents are as protective, if not more so, than a protective parent of a child.  Seeing as night walks are often inevitable, every dog owner should use pet LED collars.

Visibility is obviously the main issue with walking at night.  A seemingly safe environment becomes quite different with the mask of darkness.  Here are 5 ways LED collars can save not only pets, but pet owners’ lives.

1. Collars that have a light allow the pet owner to not have a flashlight in their hand.  With hands free, there is a better chance that their eyes are open and able to pay more attention to their surroundings.

2. Pet LED collars are very bright and with most can be seen from at least a mile away.  This helps speeding traffic slow down.  The bright light also alerts other dog owners that you are there.  Allowing them to move to the other side of the street, if necessary.

3. Lighted collars allow pet owners to see potential tripping hazards.  Whether there is an uneven sidewalk, a ditch or even a slipping hazard, a pet LED collar helps to light the way.

4. Wild animals can be a threat, especially in remote areas.  Wild animals could be diseased or poisonous.  Pet LED collars are a great deterrent.

5. Similar to wild animals, other humans can cause a potential threat.  An ill-wisher might think twice if your pet makes you visible from all directions up to a mile away.

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