5 warning signs that you may have a foundation problem

Foundation issues can be a costly and inconvenient problem; left unaddressed, even small problems can turn into big ones that may end up with your home’s structural integrity so compromised it is uninhabitable. While home damage restoration in Naples and other areas can help keep your home’s foundation from getting worse, you need to contact them at the first sign of trouble. Here are 5 warning signs that your foundation may be compromised:

1. Cracks and crumbling: Inspect your foundation regularly (twice a year at least) to make sure there are no cracks, or crumbling in the foundation itself. Check for hairline cracks, gaps, sloping or sagging.

2. Water damage: One of the leading causes of foundation failure is improper water drainage. Make sure your downspouts direct rain and water away from your foundation, and check your property’s grade to make sure water doesn’t slope in the direction of your house.

3. Sagging floors and/or warped ceilings: Does it feel like you can ski across one end of your floor to the other? This could be a sign of a foundation problem. The same goes for ceilings on the main floor of your home.

4. Crumbling or buckled walls: While some amount of settling is normal, your walls shouldn’t buckle or crumble. Conduct regular inspections of your ceiling joints to make sure there are no cracks present.

5. Doors and windows that don’t fit properly: Doors and windows that don’t fit into their frames, or are hard to open can be a sign of a foundation problem and should be dealt with by a professional. Don’t forget to check attic windows, garage doors, and HVAC vents for signs of potential problems.

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