5 Things to Know about Commercial Fire Protection Services in NJ

Business owners must protect their buildings from fire damage. To do this, business owners and managers need commercial fire protection services in NJ area. Take a moment to learn more about the five ways fire protection services help businesses protect their physical structures and their livelihoods.

Fire Suppression System Design and Installation

Fire spreads quickly, which is why buildings must have a professionally designed fire suppression system. This system’s main goal is to contain the fire and stop it from consuming the entire building.

Fire Sprinkler Design and Installation

When a fire breaks out, the suppression system works in tandem with the fire sprinklers installed in the building. Working fire sprinklers, strategically placed, are a building’s defense against fire while waiting for fire crews to arrive on the scene.

Fire Alarm System Design and Installation

Fire alarms don’t suppress, contain, or put out fires. However, they save lives by alerting building occupants and giving them ample time to escape the building. Businesses without working fire alarm systems put themselves at risk of civil lawsuits should injury or death occur as the result of a fire.

Inspections, Services, and Repair

All fire safety systems and equipment, including fire extinguishers, must be inspected regularly. Commercial fire protection services perform these inspections and make necessary repairs to ensure the systems are up to code and work well in an emergency.


Commercial fire protection services in NJ perform essential services for businesses such as audits. These audits identify weaknesses in the building’s current systems and infrastructure. To learn more about fire protection services for businesses, contact Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp at http://newarkfiresprinkler.com.