5 things to consider when hunting for a new fridge freezer

These days, shopping online has made it incredibly easy to just click and buy whatever we want, delivered direct to our doorstep. Yet if you’re buying an electrical appliance for your home, such as a new fridge freezer, you should really stop and spend some time thinking about the right type of appliance for your needs. With that in mind, here are 5 things you should consider when hunting for a new fridge freezer.

1. Energy efficiency rating

This is one of the most important things to consider – fridge freezers are rated from A+ to A+++ depending on how much energy they use. Choosing a fridge with a higher energy rating means that your running costs will be less, helping to keep your energy bills down.

2. Size

It’s important to consider the size of your kitchen as well as the size of your new fridge freezer. If you live in a small studio apartment or have a compact, galley style kitchen, you probably don’t want a huge American style fridge freezer which will take up all your available space. When shopping for fridge freezers in Milton Keynes, you’ll also need to measure your available space so that you ensure you purchase a fridge with the correct dimensions; there’s nothing worse than buying a gorgeous new appliance which doesn’t fit!

3. Configuration

Fridge freezers can offer a range of configuration options. In some cases, the freezer compartment will be on top, which is handy if you tend to live off frozen foods. In other cases the fridge will be larger and at the top, whilst the freezer section is much smaller and positioned at the bottom. You should think about how you will use your appliance.

4. Budget

Of course, you need to think about your budget. There’s no point looking at top of the range American style fridge freezers if your budget tends to err more on the side of compact budget options. When shopping for fridge freezers in Milton Keynes, set a budget in your mind before you head to your local electrical retailer and you’re less likely to be swayed by special offers or particularly pushy salesmen.

5. Extra features

Fridge freezers nowadays have loads of extra features and you need to decide which ones you want. Some features you may come across include icemakers/water dispensers, changeable doors (so you can open them from left or right to suit your kitchen layout) and defrost functions, so you don’t have to manually defrost your freezer.

The final thing you should always enquire about when buying your new fridge freezer is the warranty. By considering all of the above, you should hopefully end up with the perfect appliance for your needs, and one that will also look great in your kitchen!

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