5 Reasons You Should Choose Dental Implants

Getting full-mouth implants in Leesburg can be the best decision you make. If you have missing teeth and you’re considering teeth replacement options, here’s why implants should be on top of your list.

High success rate

One of the best things about dental implants is that these come with a success rate of 95 percent. That means the procedures are usually a success.

Looks natural

Implants are the ideal option for those who are conscious about the way their bridges or dentures stand out. Implants look and feel like your real teeth, so you won’t need to worry about anyone else being able to tell whether you’ve got fake teeth in place.

Feels natural

Dentures can slip and bridges lead to long-term damage to your other teeth. You won’t need to deal with those problems, though, when you get implants. They feel natural because the replacement roots of your artificial teeth are fused into your jawbone. The strong foundation makes it feel like you’ve got your real teeth back.

Easier to eat

Dentures can slide and make it difficult to chew, while implants work in the same way that your natural teeth do. That means you can eat all your favorite foods without having to think about the need to brush your teeth and your dentures every time you grab a bite. Implants also allow you to use better bite force, so you can eat with more gusto and less fear that your artificial teeth may get damaged.

Protects your teeth

Your dentist will need to trim adjacent healthy teeth to fit in that bridge. Going for a Full-Mouth Implants in Leesburg is a much better option if you want to protect the rest of your healthy teeth. To know more about your options, visit the Cascades Center for Dental Health. Call 703-774-3205 to make an appointment today.

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