5 Reasons To Schedule A Regular Furnace Cleaning In Omaha, NE

When summer is over and the cold weather is approaching, it is time to prepare for winter. One of the most important things that homeowners should do to prepare for the cold weather is to schedule a Furnace Cleaning in Omaha NE. There are a few reasons why an annual cleaning is so important.

Increase the Life of the Furnace

When a tech comes out to clean the furnace, they will do a complete inspection. If there are any minor problems with the furnace, the issues will be detected before they can become major problems that result in a complete breakdown. Annual maintenance will ensure all of the parts of the furnace are working properly, increasing the overall life of the furnace.

Remove Rust and Dirt Buildup

It is not uncommon for rust and dirt to build up on the burners in the furnace. If this debris is not removed, pockets of gas can get trapped in the heat exchanger. Over time, this can be very damaging. Even if the furnace is relatively new, this buildup can occur and should be cleaned.

Replace Worn Out Parts

Over time, the parts inside the furnace can wear out. During the annual cleaning, the tech would check for any parts that need to be replaced. This will prevent a complete breakdown.

Increase the Efficiency of the Furnace

When dust and dirt build up in the furnace, it will cause the furnace to work harder than it should. Over time, this can wear the furnace out faster than is necessary. When the furnace is cleaned regularly, the tech will make sure that all of the internal parts are cleaned and oiled, improving both the efficiency and the lifespan of the furnace.

Keep the Warranty Valid

Many manufacturers require that homeowners have their furnace cleaned regularly to keep the warranty valid. If there is an issue with the furnace and the homeowner has been neglecting the annual cleanings and maintenance, the warranty likely wouldn’t cover the issue.

When summer ends, homeowners should schedule their annual Furnace Cleaning in Omaha NE. For more information, contact Accurate Heating & Cooling or Click Here.

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