5 Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

You may have heard about dental veneers in Bismark from a friend of even from your doctor. You may be wondering what they are and what they are able to do for you. Here are some great reasons that you should consider getting dental veneers in Bismark.

Cover Cracked & Chipped Teeth
Dental veneers in Bismark can be used to cover up any cracked and chipped teeth that they have. Having a cracked or chipped tooth can look bad and many people feel uncomfortable having one so they might choose the veneers to cover up the problem. There is also the added bonus of covering up the teeth in order to prevent infection and decay due to food and bacteria being caught in them.

Cover Decaying Teeth
Dental veneers in Bismark are also able to cover up decaying teeth. If your dentist is willing to let you, use veneers to cover up any decay in your teeth you will be able to keep more of your teeth and effectively reduce the risk of developing a deformity in your jawbone. The veneer will also look a lot more natural on your teeth than any other fillings that might be used. However, if you have extensive tooth decay you might not be able to use veneers and instead will have to use a crown and maybe even implants to fix the problem.

Cover Misshapen Teeth
If you were born with some misshapen teeth, you might be able to cover them up with dental veneers. There is nothing you can do to fix a misshapen tooth but the veneer is able to cover it up so your smile looks much more natural.

Correct Gaps & Crooked Teeth
If you have some minor gaps in your teeth or a few crooked teeth, you might be able to use veneers to fix this. Veneers will go over the problem area and leave a natural looking tooth. The best part is that this only takes a couple minutes and a couple of visits to complete. However, if you decide that you want to go in and align your teeth you will have to use dental bridges or implants. This will cost you not only more money, but also more time and pain. Dental veneers are a great alternative to the traditional alignment techniques and still leave you with a great smile.

Cover Discolorations
If you are looking for that bright, white smile but have tried several methods of tooth whitening and they have all come back disappointingly, then a dental veneer is an option that you should try. The veneer will be able to cover up any discolored teeth that you have and give you a beautiful white smile in just a couple of visits.

If you have questions about getting a dental veneer Bismarck, contact The Smile Center at 701.258.1321. Aaron D. Johnson, DMD can answer all of your questions and take care of your dental veneer needs.

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