5 Awesome Gift Ideas For Groomsmen

Your wedding is a special time, and your groomsmen play a vital role in the success of your big day. Most of the time, your groomsmen have known you for much longer than your spouse. It’s a warm-hearted gesture to give gifts for groomsmen and ushers of your wedding. Below you will find a great list of some of the best gifts for groomsmen and ushers.

Tuxedo Shirts

How can you expect your team of groomsmen to look the part on the wedding day without a freshly starched tuxedo shirt? Throwing in a classic black bow tie will complete the look. For those of you who want the very finest shirts, try Hamilton from the US.

Oyster Shuckers

Don’t let the old rumors about the ball and chain hold you back. Give your pals a set of oyster shuckers, and you will have the perfect reason to meet up a few times per year and down some beers and oysters.

Custom Golf Gloves

You will probably have played golf with your friends before, but buying them all their own unique golf gloves is a great way to make the experience more personal. If you have picked 11 groomsmen, you can have 3 even foursomes for a great game of golf together. Don’t forget to have your own gloves customized as well!

Embroidered belts

Perhaps you like the idea of handing out some embroidered belts to your groomsmen as part of their suit on the big day. You could even take it to the next level with a unique anecdote for each person, perhaps a memorable event or time.


No list about groomsmen gifts would be complete without the old cufflinks. You could customize them by the favorite beer of the receiver or even with their initials. Possibilities are limitless with the good old faithful cufflinks.

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